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American DJ Quad Phase Lights

Two units with all packages!

Additional available for $50 per unit.

Chauvet Gig Bar

$150.00 per unit

Four lights in one! Includes strobe lighting and laser lighting.

Gobo Lighting

$350.00 per unit

One custom light monogram! Prices vary between steel, metal & glass.

Decor Uplighting

$35.00 per unit

This LED Par has Red, Green, Blue, and UV LED’s that can recreate any colour for your venue. These lights are perfect for uplighting your wedding or banquet hall, creating soft, columns of light up the walls. Ultra bright slim flat black Par with 5 x 4-Watt, 4-IN-1 Quad LEDs. Smooth RGB + UV Color Mixing (fast or slow color change operation). Unique “sit-flat” design: Power & DMX Ins/Outs intelligently designed so the unit can be set flat on the ground or set inside truss. Great as an architectural wall wash or for performance stages where traditional stage lighting emit a lot of heat onto performers. 5 DMX Channel modes: 4, 5, 6, 9 or 10 channel modes. 5 Operational modes: Auto Run Mode (16 Color Change Mode, 16 Color Fade Modes, & 1 Combined Mode), Sound Active Mode (16 Modes), RGB + UV Dimmer Mode,Static Color Mode (64 Colors), and DMX Controlled. Beam Angle: 40 degrees DMX controller (lights go to the beat of the music) are available for additional cost.

Confetti/Streamer Cannon

$100.00 per unit

Le Maitre´s Pro Launcher is manufacturer with the quality and reliability you would expect from the leading special effects manufacturer. Launch Pro Fetti and Pro Streamers up to 30-feet using a Pro Launcher, a threaded 16-gram CO2 cartridge, a 2-inch lifting cup and a 2-inch back pressure cap. Keep extra barrels on-hand so you can pre-load and have them ready to go!

Geyser Jets

$100.00 per unit

The Chauvet Geyser RGB Fog Machine with LED Effects is an incredible fixture that is sure to spice up any stage or performance! Much more than just a powerful fogger, the Geyser RGB illuminates the vertical fog stream with 21 high-power (3W) LEDs. A combination of red, green and blue LEDs allows you to easily mix the perfect color to illuminate the fog. The included wireless remote allows for easy operation, or you can control the Chauvet Geyser RGB via DMX.

Low Flying Fog

$100.00 per unit

Screen & Projector

$300.00 per set

65″ to 80″ Ultra Portable Projector Screen. Select the size that best meets your needs – with the screen-size selector switch, the screen easily opens to the size you have selected (4:3, 16:9 or 16:10). Innovative one-piece design – set up and present in seconds.

Cordless Lapel Microphone

$40.00 per unit

Give your speakers the freedom to roam the room!

Cordless Handheld Microphone

$40.00 per unit

Give your speakers the freedom to roam the room! Get two for $70.00.

Berringer Subwoofer

$80.00 per unit

1400 watt subwoofer. Make your event pop!